How To Charge an Electric Bike Battery-Complete Steps

While purchasing the electric bikes, their battery time, and how to charge electric bike battery is something you must know. Generally, electric bikes come with a battery system pack that contains the battery for the working of electric bikes. 

It is necessary to know how to look after the electric bike battery to get the most out of it. When looking at a battery’s lifetime and operation, the two most significant parameters are charging and protection.

Charging an electric bicycle battery can differ depending on which manufacturer you are buying. Still, there are specific guiding rules to follow that will help you get things right much of the time.

Charging an electric bike battery:

When you purchase a new electric bike, a battery pack that contains the battery of the electric motorcycle inside will come with it.

This pack will also come with an inlet or bay on the bike to attach the electric bike battery. In this bay, you can insert the charger into it. It can be positioned in several ways, and depending on the e-bike in consideration; it can differ. Typically, though, the batteries are mounted in the bike center or just behind the saddle.

Most electric bikes also have a charger consisting of a power source, which has slots for two-wire on one side to use a wire that connects to the power socket on one side and links a cable to the battery of the e-bike on the other side.

The electric bikes also have a red LED. It will help us to know when it is fully charged. So it can help to prevent damage to the battery. The LED light will turn red when it is charging. And when it is fully charged, it will change colour, usually green. 

This is all about how to charge an e-bike battery that you must know as the owner of the e-bike.

How long does it take to charge an electric bike battery?

Depending on the e-bike battery’s capacity, the time it takes to charge can vary. 

It could need 3.5 to 6 hours to recharge a completely drained lithium-ion e-bike battery. Those batteries that already have a partial charge are likely to take less time when you start to charge. Furthermore, to “top-off” the cells, the last hour or so of a charging process is used, and you don’t have to wait until the end of the process. So in 2.5 hours or less, some batteries may be 90 percent full.

If the battery’s recharging time is 2 hours and has a period of approximately 30 miles, it would have a charging rate of 15 miles per hour.

Electric bike charging tips:

If you want to have a perfect e-bike experience, whether you are enjoying a pleasant afternoon ride or challenging the car traffic on your morning journey, your e-bike system must work efficiently. Here are some Electric bike charging tips that can help you get the best ride.

1.    Charging a new e-bike battery for a long time:

This is the first time related to battery charging. When you purchase an e-bike, invest the opportunity to charge its battery and give it more time than the average charging period, e.g., 12 hours. This prolonged initial charge means that the current passes into all the cells and stabilizes the battery directly out of the box.

2.     Prevent Extreme Temperature:

To increase an electric bike’s battery life, you have to prevent high temperatures both while using it and when recharging batteries. It will be safe in a mild temperature range.

The battery must be in an atmosphere less cold than the freezing temperature. But it must not be hotter than 110 degrees Fahrenheit at the maximum of the charging period. If the temperature range is between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit while charging, it will be best.

3.    Do not extra charge the battery of an electric bike:

It would be best to keep the electric bike battery on the charger for prolonged periods. If you are doing so, you are developing a condition in which the battery discharges, leaving it at about 95 percent power.

 Then, the charger goes back to work, taking the battery up. And this cycle continues. Finally, this loop of small discharges and topping off creates a sequence of weak charging intervals.

You can set the alarm on your cell phone to alert you to withdraw the battery from the charger.

4.    Do not store an empty battery of e-bike:

You can have to store your electric bicycle battery occasionally. Possibly you’re about to take a trip. It’s likely too cold outside to travel. 

However, whatever the situation may be, do not store the battery empty, but instead, wait for it to have around 40% to 70% of its maximum power.

Final verdict:

Electric bikes make riding easy and comfortable. You do not need to do pedalling. And in its place, there are batteries included in the electric bikes. For an efficient riding experience, you must take care of batteries, as it works as fuel for the e-bike. So along with the answer to how to charge an electric bike battery, you also have to follow the tips to maintain battery life. 

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