How To Ride An Electric Bike?

Time is changing and so is the mode of transportation. In this modern age, can you imagine a world without electric bikes? Certainly not. To have an electric bike is one thing, but to avail the benefits of these e-bikes, you need to learn how to ride an electric bike.

Bike riding is always enjoyable and beneficial to your health. Electric bikes are similar to normal bikes and provide even more fun in riding. Over the past few years, electric or e-bikes have gained popularity. They are excellent for people looking to get around without using gas or oil.

However, with ease and fun, electric bikes demand safety as well. If you are riding an electric bike for the first time, you need to have all the safety precautions to avoid any mishap.

Therefore, in the following article, I have explained how to drive an electric bike more safely on the road. By following all the necessary safety tips, you will enjoy the electric bike ride while keeping yourself safe.

Difference between Normal Bike and Electric Bike

Although there is not much difference between a slow normal bike and a fast electric bike. However, there are certain distinctions between the two vehicles that should be taken into account.

A battery powers electric bikes. The battery is the power source for the electric bike and it provides you with extra power when you need to pedal faster or longer. The primary issue, though, is that you must charge the battery before you ride it, which takes about 4 hours. You can also use your phone as a power bank for charging while on the go.

While on the other hand, a normal bike does not have any battery and is powered by your own two feet. So it is more like an ordinary bicycle.

Are e-bikes safe?

With all the good features like fast speed, electric motor, no pedals, etc. The question that comes to mind for any rider is whether these e-bikes are safe enough to travel on the road.

Well, the answer is yes. E-bikes were originally developed for people who wanted to enjoy biking without having to deal with the hassle of carrying extra weight.

Because e-bikes weigh less than traditional bicycles, they are easier to pedal and balance. In addition, they are safer than regular bicycles because they do not have handlebars.

What you Need Riding an Electric Bike

You will require some basic tools to get started. If you do not have any of these items already, you should probably buy them before starting.

  • A helmet
  • A lock
  • A set of lights
  • A map
  • A phone charger
  • A pump or motor
  • A battery pack


The first thing you need to know about how to ride an e-bike is that they are not just bikes. They differ greatly from standard bicycles in many ways. First off, they have motors built right into them.

Rechargeable batteries and range power these motors anywhere from 500 watts (500 watts is enough power to run a small fan) to 1000 watts (enough power to run a small blender).

You will find these motors in either front or variants with rear-wheel drive. Front-motorized bikes are often referred to as mid-drive bikes while rear-motorized bikes are known as full-drive bikes.


In learning how to ride an electric bike, one of the most important things while riding an e-bike is to have a fully charged battery. Now the question arises is what kind of battery should be used in an electric bike?

Both lead-acid and lithium-ion are the two most commonly used batteries in e-bikes. Lead acid batteries are inexpensive, relatively simple to maintain and provide good performance.

However, they only last around three years before needing replacement. Lithium-ion batteries cost significantly more than lead-acid batteries, but they work better and have a long life. If you plan to keep your e-bike for several years, then you might want to consider purchasing a lithium-ion battery.

Charging the Battery

For recharging the battery, you will find charging stations everywhere now. Many cities have public charging stations where you can plug your e-bike into any outlet and charge your battery.

There is no need to worry about finding a place to park your e-bike while you are charging it. Just make sure you keep your bike away from anything flammable.


Despite all the good things that you have heard about e-bike, in the end, it is still a bike. So while riding an electric motorcycle, your safety is the most crucial thing. That is why any rider must have a helmet on during a bike ride.

A high-quality helmet will keep you safe from any kind of injury, especially a head injury. Therefore, if you want to keep your ride safe and sound then you should wear a helmet all the time.

Tire Pressure

Before setting off on your e-bike, ensure that you monitor the tyre pressure. Tires with less than recommended pressure are very dangerous from a safety point of view. In addition, it will not allow you to go at full speed.

The pressure of electric bike tires should be around 2-2.4 bars (30-40 psi). For confirmation, you can check the readings on your pump.

How to Ride an Electric Bike?

There are two ways to ride an electric bike. One is a fast way and the other is a slow way. The fast way is to pedal with your feet, but you can also use a motor for it.

The slow way is by pedaling with your hands only. This method works very well in cities where there are lots of cars, but not so well on highways or long-distance cycling routes.

That is because of the difficulty of keeping up with traffic, and pedestrians when you are pedaling by hand only. You will have to stop now and then so that you are not run over by cars or hit by people walking on the road.

When you are riding an electric bike, the only thing that matters is your balance. It’s as simple as that. If you have a good sense of balance and practice it regularly, everything else will follow naturally.

Electric Bike Riding Tips or Steps

Before learning how to ride an electric motorcycle, it is much more important to learn about the steps that you need to follow so that you can enjoy a good ride from an e-bike.

To get the most out of your electric bike, below are some of the key tips that you should consider while taking off on your first-ever electric bike ride.

1. Safety Steps

Before riding an e-bike, be sure to carefully read the instructions. Always wear proper safety gear including a helmet, gloves, boots, and eye protection.

Keep checking the battery level before starting. If the battery is low, charge it before using it. When riding, always stay alert and watch out for traffic. Avoid riding at night and avoid riding on busy roads.

2. Proper Training

Make sure to practice riding an e-bike prior to using it on a public street. Practice riding slowly and steadily until you feel comfortable. Start slow and build up speed gradually. Do not forget to use hand signals while riding.

3. Riding Tips

Riding an e-bike requires some adjustments to become familiar with its controls and features. To start, turn the throttle forward and press the brake pedal down. You should hear a click sound and feel the motor kick in.

Once you get the hang of it, try turning the throttle back and pressing the brakes. Try riding around the block to get used to the feel of the pedals and handlebars.

4. Maintenance

If you have any problems with your e-bike, contact your neighbourhood dealer or service facility without delay. To keep them functioning properly, e-bikes need routine maintenance.

Check the tires regularly and replace them if they are worn out. Clean the chain and lubricate the gears. Also, check the batteries and charger regularly to ensure they work properly.

5. Battery Care

To maintain the longevity of your battery, once a month, completely charge it. Be careful not to overcharge the battery. Overcharging shortens the battery’s life and causes harm. Keep the battery out of the sun’s direct rays and extreme temperatures.

6. Road Rules

Always obey road rules. Ride safely and responsibly. Stay alert and watch out for pedestrians, cyclists, and cars. Be cautious when driving and stick to the posted speed limit.

Final Verdict

An electric bike is a great addition to the world of transportation. Using an electric bike is similar to using a regular bike, but with the added benefit of not having a pedal. Electric bikes are the future. You can ride them anywhere and everywhere. It is very fun to ride an electric or e-bike.

Therefore, to make it more impactful, I have gone through the step-by-step guide on how to ride an electric bike in this article. After reading it completely, you will get the confidence of riding your electric bike.

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